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Under-the-Radar TSX Stocks to Buy Before They Rebound!

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The TSX today remains down, with many TSX stocks offering a deal that shouldn’t be missed. But obviously we cannot buy all TSX stocks, nor should you. That’s because while some are down now, they could remain down far longer than others.

That’s why today I’m going to look at some TSX stocks that should climb far sooner in the months to come. Each still offers a great deal, but remains under-the-radar for investors to consider. So let’s get right to it.

TFI stock

TFI International (TSX:TFII)(NYSE:TFII) is the first of the TSX stocks I would consider. It offers a great deal as shares are still down by 6% year to date, trading at just 14.5 times earnings as of writing. But what’s more, it’s gone through insane growth over the last three months alone.

Shares of TFI stock are up 20% in that time! This boost comes after the company managed to make a sale for US$525 million. That half a billion income created momentum that has only recently slowed slightly.

Finally, TFI stock offers investors safety among other TSX stocks. You can latch onto a 1.12% dividend yield, and know it’s not going any where. That’s because it currently would take just 89% of TFI’s equity to cover all its debts.

Nutrien stock

Next up, Nutrien (TSX:NTR)(NYSE:NTR) is another of the great TSX stocks to buy right now. Sure, it had its volatile period when shares flew upwards. But now, it’s back under-the-radar, with investors choosing to stay away from it after the volatility.

But share jump or not, Nutrien stock is a great buy. The company soared after sanctions on Russian potash. Now, the world potash demand is more than ever, and Nutrien is the one to give supply it. Especially as it continues to consolidate a fractured crop nutrient sector, and expand its e-commerce business.

Nutrien stock is a great deal, trading at just 6.6 times earnings. Shares are up 21% year to date as of writing, but have come down 13% since August. That’s a great time to jump in on this stock as it’s sure to recover eventually. Meanwhile, you can also rest easy with a dividend yield of 2.35%, and with just 43.9% of equity needed to cover all its debts.

Teck stock

Finally, Teck Resources (TSX:TECK.B)(NYSE:TECK) is the last of the TSX stocks I’d buy up. It’s different from other mining stocks, as the company focuses on creating income through minerals needed to create products. This would include silver, coal for steel, copper, zinc and more. These mineral assets provide steady revenues while Teck continues to beat out earnings estimates.

And again, shares are up 25% year to date, but have come far down from 52-week highs, by about 22%. It now trades at just 4.4 times earnings, offering a 1.12% dividend yield to consider as well.

What’s more, Teck also has plenty of cash on hand to cover debts, with just 34% of its equity needed to manage total debts. Taken together, it’s a stock that’s doing well even during this poor market environment, yet remains far below its fair value.

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